Android Developer Reference

This is the official Google Android site for developers. Here you will find all the documentation you need to develop rich android applications.

You will most likely visit this site often.

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Below is a listing of all the available downloads. Some are essential tools and some are there to just make life easier.

Under the Essentials area of this page, there are some very good Android IDE's to check out. Also some tools and utilities that could definitely prove useful.

Another thing is you can create apps without spending any money at all. But, there are some tools and utilities that are worth spending the money for. Especially if you want to market your apps and give it that complete professional look and feel.

Be sure to check out site for the required SDK's (Software Development Kit) for Android Development.


Here are some essential and/or recommended tools and utilities for Android Development.

Required Tools for Android Development

If you want to do any android programming at all you must get these tools.

IDE's (Integrated Development Environments)

There are a lot of really good IDE's scattered about the internet, here is a list of some of the ones I have tried, and some I have not. You be the judge. Keep checking back on occasions for additions to this page.


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