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This is the official Google Android site for developers. Here you will find all the documentation you need to develop rich android applications.

You will most likely visit this site often.

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DreamIT Solutions is a resource site for the Android Developer.
Here you can find downloads, code samples, XML samples, tips and tricks, IDE resources and a whole lot more.

This site is always under construction, we will be bringing a lot more great stuff as this site gets completed, please feel free to browse around all you want.

Getting Started

Here are some links and information to get you started in Android Programming.

What you need to know

This topic covers language, software and knowledge requirements needed for android development.

Setting up your Environment

This topic covers what you need to know about setting up your development environment, including resources and downloads to get you started.

Android API Documentation

This topic covers the Android API Documentation. This is a must read, or at least deserves a good look through.

Creating your First Application

This topic will cover creating your first app. And yes, it is the infamous "Hello World" app again, however this one is enhanced and probably can be used as a base template for further use.

Special Notes

As with all types of application development, There are tons of up and down moments. There will be times where something your trying to accomplish will just work right from the start, while other things even the most trivial won't work at all.

The best tip that works for most people for those frustrating times is to just walk away for a few moments, and while you are away doing something else, the solution sometimes will just jump right out at you.

So just try to remember frustration just leads to more frustration, and that learning how to manage those frustration will do wonders for your productivity.

Good Luck, and Happy Coding!